Welcome to the Infinite

Every event happens in every way. How can this be? Each decision point branches into infinite variations. The world is not a mechanistic railroad, but a dune buggy in the desert. When you turn, there is a you who didn’t turn. When you crash, there’s a you that didn’t crash.

This conceptual understanding, with its scientific underpinings, comforts the rational mind. When a human attains sentience she is robbed. First of free will, because she can see the causes stretching back to the Big Bang. Then of purpose, for how can she commit and uncaused action. At this crossroad of understanding she freezes, forgets, or forges ahead, but the road has been crossed and cannot be uncrossed. Unless …

If every event happens then you are on the path that your choices created. Disparity destroyed. Free will restored. With free will, purpose returns. You craft your world again, as you did before the crossroad, because you never came to it and you will never leave it. You live at the crossroad. The assuredness understanding took, it now restores.

But wait, if the multiverse includes infinite versions of you making infinite choices, does it matter what you actually do? In this totality you are a saint, but a few iterations over you’re a criminal. If existence is a series of infinite paths, does it matter what path you’re on? You have the purpose of your path, but it isn’t a special purpose. The universe did not intend you. It created every possible iteration of you. You are as unimportant as you felt when you first conceptualized the size of the universe. Infinite you as important as you are, which is not very.

So we play in the fields of infinity and, in special cases, peek behind the veil to see what’s happening on the other side. We call this speculation, but it is exploration also, an opportunity to use our contradictory consciousness to travel to worlds that we know must be, but that we haven’t yet seen. Such is the purpose of this journal.

To state it more clearly, we will explore the worlds that don’t seem to exist to find ideas that we might not otherwise touch.

Welcome to the infinite.

In an infinite multiverse, there is no such thing as fiction. — Scott Adsit


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