Diversity Universe – Friendly Invaders from Another Totality Show Us What We’ve Missed

You have to admire the diligence of some dimensional travelers. It seems that activists from another, fairer, universe have invaded London and brought with them some pop culture proof of other worlds. The movie and television posters which appeared throughout Brixton, London posit that things don’t always have to be what they have been and maybe they never were that at all.

The posters feature alternate Harry Potters, Doctors, Bonds, Jacks, Roses and, the very British, Inbetweeners. The campaign dreamed up by Legally Black and the Advocacy Academy does what all great speculative scenarios do. It forces you to stop to ask what if and why not.

Normally, I’m not one to applaud shunting one totality into another, the results can be messy.  However, since we lost our native reality ages ago, why not reshape what we have left to fit our own desires? If only these activists could find a way to push the rest of these films into our world, or at least release the posters so we can hang them on our walls.

More info from Euronews.

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