Black and White Wonder – Illustrations from Inside the Pulps

Science Fiction pulp covers are amazing and you can get collections of them everywhere. Internal illustrations are the b-sides of history, often forgotten. Not here. This collection of images comes from If Magazine‘s November 1963 issue. Thrill at the Muck Man! Be Amazed by the Dolphin of Thunder! Wonder at a rocket robot with a tail for a nose!

Illustrations by Jack Gaughan, Norman Nodel, Ed Emshwiller, and Virgil Finlay.

IF NOV 1963 1
“I can’t believe I fell for the old arrow-through-the-head gag.”



If 11-63 3
Muck Man vs. Space Penis
If 11-63 4
Happy Easter!
Sometimes riding the furry space seal is just that.
If 11-63 6
I got the Space Pirate Deluxe package. Two robot shoulder birds!
If 11-63 7
The Fantastic Four, if Ben Grimm were two furry space seals.
If 11-63 8
This is a silent picture and therefore scientifically accurate.
If 11-63 9
This seal is so high right now.
Robot designed by distractible six-year old.
If 11-63 11
“This collar demeans us both.” 






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